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CPI Separators

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Pielkenrood has been involved in developing oil/water separators right from the beginning, and a leading specialist in this field. Presently we mainly use CFI and IPI separators in our designs, combining cost effectiveness with the best technical solution for each specific project.

CPI Separators

Physical / chemical water treatment

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Pollutants can occur in water in various forms, e.g. colloidal, suspended and dissolved. This type of pollution cannot be removed as such by DAF/DGF or by settling. A physical-chemical pre-treatment is needed to render them into a separable form.

Physical-chemical water treatment

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Pielkenrood is an internationally recognized specialist in (waste) water treatment. We have been active in this field since the 1960s, providing solutions for the oil & gas, chemical, food and other industries as well as for municipalities around the world.

We were the co-inventors of the first corrugated plate oil/water separator, the CPI. Today we offer our clients a wide variety of technologies, such as corrugated plate separators, physical/chemical treatment units, dissolved air/gas flotation units, multimedia filtration plants, neutralization plants, SBR and MSBR biological treatment plants, stripping columns, activated carbon filters and drinking water treatment plants. Capacities range from 2.5 m3/h to 6,500 m3/h or even more.

We don’t believe in standard solutions. All our projects are tailor made to fit your specifications and requirements. When designing equipment and plants we put a strong emphasis on easy operability, low operation and maintenance cost and sustainability.

Whether you are looking for a concise or in-depth feasibility study, tender document preparation, conceptual design, basic and detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, skid mounted units or a partner that can contract and build a complete and integrated plant on a turn-key basis, Pielkenrood has the capability and experience to meet your requirements in a cost competitive and efficient way.

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Drinking water treatment

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Today there are still large areas in the world where people have no access to clean and safe potable water, for instance in remote and underdeveloped areas.
But also in developing countries water supply is often a difficult task.

Drinking water treatment

SBR biological activated sludge treatment

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Most biological treatment systems are built as over designed continuous activated sludge plants. As a result of increasingly stricter environmental requirements, there is a fast growing interest in more flexible efficient sequencing batch biological purification, the SBR.

SBR biological activated sludge treatment