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The world’s largest oil companies, EPC contractors, private industries and governments hire us as a technology partner and equipment supplier to design, engineer and supply solutions for specific and difficult water treatment problems. We are proud to say that our company is regarded as one of the industry’s leading specialists.

In terms of scale we have worked on plants with capacities from 0.5 m3/h to 432,000 m3/day. There is no upper limit to the capacity of the plants that we design. In fact the plant capacity is not the most important issue to focus on. More important is the complexity.

One of our largest projects had a contract value of USD 340 million and concerned a refinery/ petrochemical plant primary, secondary and tertiary waste water treatment system, including sludge treatment and incineration.

We are often involved in complex water treatment projects, such as complete waste water treatment facilities for oil refineries or spent caustic neutralisation.

Other examples of complex projects for which we provide reliable and well proven solutions:

  • Produced water treatment, including removal of BTEX and PAH, whereby the effluent can be re-injected into the formation or discharged into the environment safely;
  • First stage 3-phase high pressure production separators for the oil- and gas industry;
  • Second stage 2-phase pressurised separators for oil de-watering;
  • Compact high performance sewage treatment units for offshore use;
  • Waste water treatment plants for the textile and leather industry;
  • SBR biological treatment plants for the removal of phenols and formaldehydes for instance for the plywood and chemical industries; City or industrial zone waste water treatment.

Detailed information about our experience and references is available on request.

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