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After sales services

Pielkenrood offers its customers a fast and reliable after sales service. We fully realise the need to limit downtime to a minimum. As such we consult our clients on the required stock level of critical spare parts for operating periods ranging from two to ten or even more years.

We have an extensive archive of almost all projects executed available. In case of problems, our engineers are often able to provide sufficient advice and recommendations by telephone and e-mail. If further assistance is required, we can dispatch a site engineer to almost any location in the world within 24 hours.

In addition to solving technical or operational problems, which actually hardly ever occur, we supply a wide range of spare parts to plants in operation around the world on a regular basis and if required we take care of installation as well. We don’t only supply standard spare parts e.g. for pumps, valves or flight scrapers, but also tailor made components such as plate packs, micro bubble generators or any other fabricated part.

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