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Corporate responsibility and sustainability

For Pielkenrood the current and important focus on energy efficiency is not new. Since we started our activities in the water treatment industry some 50 years ago, we have always devoted considerable resources on research & development with an emphasis on designing plants with a small footprint, optimal performance, energy saving and low operation and maintenance cost.

These efforts have resulted in reduced use of resources throughout the supply chain and significant energy efficiency gains. For instance our SBR biological treatment plants use some 20% to 30% less energy and generate significantly less waste sludge than conventional systems, while offering better performance and effluent quality.

We consider not only reduced energy consumption and a responsible use of natural resources as important. Also with regard to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Pielkenrood is a pioneer. Decades ago we started to work with local contractors and fabricators, often in developing countries, thus stimulating local economies and employment.

In addition, working with local contractors and fabricators means less transportation of equipment and materials, which results not only in a lower cost and shorter lead times, but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Of course our local partners comply with our clients’ and our Quality Control and Quality Assurance requirements.We can certainly say that Pielkenrood is a forerunner in the field of energy saving, energy efficiency and green, responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship. At the same time this offers our clients benefits, such as competitive prices, reduced logistical cost, shortened lead times and lower operating and maintenance cost.

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