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Corporate quality and safety management

qualityPielkenrood maintains a strict Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, warranting an exceptionally high quality of services, equipment, certification and documentation supplied by us.

We have implemented procedures for, amongst others, proposal making, cost engineering, project execution, design and engineering control, document control, procurement, material control, fabrication, inspection and testing, logistics and lessons learned.

When designing we pay attention to Human Factors Engineering, so as to create a safe and healthy working environment for the plant operating and maintenance crew. Moreover, we adhere to strict design verification and validation procedures as well as a document control system to track and evaluate design and engineering progress.

All our sub-vendors are carefully selected and comply with our requirements regarding quality and safety. We have committed not only ourselves, but also our sub-vendors to a very high standard regarding Health, Safety and Environment in order to maintain our zero incidents and accidents policy. If necessary, we help and guide our sub-vendors to implement programs and procedures contributing to our quality and safety standards.

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