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Rental services

rentalWe have mobile oil/water/solids separators available for rent. These can be used for example when your regular separator is out of service for maintenance or modification. Our rental separators are suitable for separation of oil and/or solids from a carrier liquid and have capacities ranging from 10 to 100 m3/h.

The rental separators are skid mounted units and if required can be supplied with feed pumps, oil transfer pumps, treated water pumps, hoses and instrumentation.

All rental units are designed for operation in hazardous areas and as such are fully EX certified. All separators have been built in accordance with our quality procedures and have undergone an extensive inspection and testing program. Weld, NDE and material traceability has of course been accounted for. We can ship them to any location in the world. Our site staff will take care of installation, commissioning, start-up, shut down and, if required operation.

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