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historyA rich history
CPI or ‘Corrugated Plate Interceptor’ has become the common name for different types of oil/water separators equipped with corrugated plates. In fact the CPI was the first oil/water separator making use of corrugated plates. It was invented and developed in the 1960s by Royal Dutch Shell and Pielkenrood-Vinitex, as we were called in those days, and has since been adopted as the world standard. We didn’t only co-invent the CPI, but we were also one of the first to apply the Coiled Pipe Reactor on an industrial scale for coagulation, flocculation and neutralisation. Many more technologies followed, quite a few of which have been adopted as industry standard and which are all offering benefits with regard to CAPEX as well as OPEX.

A reliable partner
Today, Pielkenrood is your reliable partner for upstream and downstream water treatment solutions for the oil & gas industry, for industrial and municipal water treatment, for environmental engineering and for rental services. We focus on what we are best at: advanced, tailor-made designed and engineered plants for water treatment in all its forms.

It’s all about keeping promises
We have made it our specialty to comply with all international engineering standards, with project specific standards as well as with project specific documentation requirements. We have an extensive QA/QC system in place, covering for example document control, design verification and validation, procurement, fabrication, inspections and testing, material and NDE traceability, EX certification, HSE and Human Factors Engineering. This approach saves you considerable time and extra cost caused by unnecessary misunderstandings and misinterpretations during the course of a project. In addition, it saves the end user cost during operation of the plant. Even more important: our plants are safe to operate and we always meet our performance guarantee.

Our international team of highly educated engineers, project managers and supporting staff is committed to cooperate with you from FEED or bidding stage to commissioning, start-up and even operation and maintenance. Some of our senior engineers have been with us for more than thirty years. Their combined knowledge enables us to accurately analyse problems and to offer and implement the best solutions.

You will discover that our vast experience in the industry together with our expertise in the field of safety and quality results in a trouble free and timely execution of your project.

  • If we say we comply with all your project specifications and standards, we do and in full. You will not be faced with surprises and unjustified extra cost after contract award;
  • If we commit to a project schedule, it means that you will not be faced with unjustified delays;
  • If we guarantee performance of our equipment, you can be sure that we deliver on this promise.

specialFrom design and engineering to turn-key delivered plants
We are specialised in:

  • design;
  • engineering;
  • project management;
  • procurement;
  • fabrication;
  • inspections and testing;
  • delivery;
  • site installation;
  • pre-commissioning;
  • commissioning;
  • plant start-up;
  • operation and maintenance.

Whether you are looking for a concise or in-depth feasibility study, tender document preparation, conceptual design, basic and detailed engineering or a partner that can contract and build a complete plant on a turn-key basis, Pielkenrood has the capability and experience to meet your requirements in a cost competitive and efficient manner.

We apply various principles, such as enhanced gravity separation, physical chemical treatment, dissolved air/gas flotation, multimedia filtration, stripping, activated carbon filtration and advanced aerobic biological water treatment. By using and further developing these well-known principles, we have established our own unique treatment systems.
We can offer you the following technologies or a combination thereof:

  • CPI separators (TPI, CFI and IPI type), atmospheric or pressurised;
  • Physical-chemical treatment units, including chemical dosing skids;
  • Dissolved Air/Gas Flotation units, atmospheric or pressurised;
  • Nutshell filters;
  • Multimedia filtration plants;
  • Neutralisation units;
  • SBR and MSBR biological treatment plants;
  • Stripping columns;
  • Activated carbon filters;
  • Drinking water treatment plants;
  • Sand catchers.

technologyOur technologies are all properly tested before we apply them on an industrial scale, warranting a technological and economical plant lifetime of 20-25 years as a minimum. The fact that we are now supplying spare parts for plants, commissioned up to 40 years ago, justifies this claim. We are familiar with the application of a wide range of materials, from regular carbon steel to exotic materials such as Super Duplex, Monel and Hastelloy. In addition we can provide a variety of parts in reinforced plastics and thermoplastics, such as piping, valves and pumps.

Research and development

Over the last five decades we have developed many of our own technologies. A few examples:

  • In cooperation with Shell, we were the founding father of the CPI oil water separator, which became, and still is, the industry standard;
  • TPI, CFI and IPI corrugated plate type oil-water separators (improvements of the CPI type), which are now also adopted as an industry standard;
  • The corrugated plate flocculator;
  • The pipe flocculator, with a very low operating cost as compared to stirred tank flocculators. We were the first to use the pipe reactor for waste water treatment applications;
  • The micro bubble generator for Dissolved Air/Gas Flotation units, improving plant performance in an unprecedented way;
  • The revolutionary oxygen demand controlled discontinuous aerobic biological treatment plant (Sequencing Batch Reactor), using 20% to 30% less energy and generating significantly less waste sludge than continuous biological treatment plants, whilst offering a far better performance, including nitrification/de-nitrification, and removal of phosphate, phenols and formaldehydes;
  • Improvement and optimisation of existing continuous biological treatment plants, whereby we aim at reducing bulking sludge phenomena, reducing sludge production, improving nitrification/de-nitrification and phosphate removal, applying our own O2 demand measurement technology;
  • Modular drinking water treatment plants that use separated sludge as a catalyser for flocculation instead of expensive polymers. Because we use corrugated plate clarifiers, our drinking water plants have a footprint of up to 4 times smaller than conventional systems.

This development never stops. Today we are dedicating significant resources to research and development, for instance with regard to salt water biological treatment plants, removal of dissolved pollutants without creating a waste stream to be disposed of and enhanced coagulation of oil droplets.

Modification of existing plants
We don’t only build new treatment plants. We are also specialised in improving, converting and/or modernising existing plants. For instance to solve problems, improve performance, to handle larger flow rates or to reduce operating cost. Usually the main reason for poor performance of existing plants is a wrong design basis. The modification of existing plants built by others is complicated. As such an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of engineering is of the utmost importance. When working on plant modification we try to use as much of the existing equipment, vessels, piping and other components as possible, thus limiting cost for the client.

Beyond water treatment
Over the years Pielkenrood has developed into a leading and highly specialised expert in the field of environmental engineering. In addition to water treatment, we offer our customers a wide range of other services, such as:

  • Collection and treatment of human and livestock sewage that has penetrated the ground water layers;
  • Sludge treatment and disposal, such as incineration in an environmentally sound manner;
  • Cleaning of polluted soil and ground water layers;
  • Design, supply and implementation of household and industrial waste recycling and incineration systems, raising a profit by selling the recycled materials and generating power from methane gas.

Our head office is located in the Netherlands and acts as the contract partner for our clients around the world. We have the following disciplines in-house:

  • Process engineering;
  • Mechanical and piping engineering;
  • Civil engineering;
  • E&I engineering (outsourced to a strategic partner);
  • Project management;
  • Procurement;
  • Testing and inspection;
  • Logistics;
  • Site supervisors;
  • Site installation personnel;
  • After sales service and spare parts department.

workshopWe use sophisticated software for 3D modelling of parts and equipment, 3D plant design, P&IDs, isometric drawings, stress calculations, procurement and project management.

Pielkenrood has its own workshop, where we fabricate composite and thermoplastic equipment, parts and piping. Moreover in our workshop we perform final assembly of our treatment plants, offering our clients a single point of inspection and FATs.

Manufacturing of metal equipment, such as tanks, vessels, platforms, piping and skids is sub-contracted to selected fabricators in the Netherlands or abroad, also depending on our client’s requirements and project locations. Rotating equipment, valves, instruments and other specialised parts are sourced from well-known international manufacturers, whereby we consider our clients’ preferred vendor list.

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